LUU’s Old Bar Rumoured to House Next Generation of Trident Missiles

Whilst the recent construction works to regenerate the Union building have not gone unnoticed, they have been mostly without incident.

However, recent allegations have been made that Old Bar is in fact being transformed into a nuclear missile silo in order to house the next generation of Trident nuclear weapons.

Imagine trying to have a drink next to this bad boy

As a cost saving measure, the Government have recently announced that they are looking for creative ways of storing their nuclear weapons.

A spokesman for LUU has given the following statement: “The LUU plans to regenerate Old Bar have undergone extensive consultation with both the public and students, and we think having a nuclear missile on campus would be a real asset to both the University and the Union. We are constantly pushing for the best value for money for our students, and sharing the Old Bar space with Trident is a great way of getting the most out of the Union Building.”

Regardless of our opinions towards Trident, we at Leeds Flipside cannot wait for Old Bar to be back.



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