15 Reasons Why We Should Definitely Certainly Leave The EU

With the EU referendum coming up on the 23rd of June, we at the Leeds Flipside have decided to put together a comprehensive list of reasons to leave the EU.

1) David Cameron likes the EU and therefore it cannot be a good thing.

2) Hitler was from Europe.

3) We probably lose £9 trillion a day to Europeans.

4) French cheese smells like feet.

5) EU regulation is a burden on small businesses.

6) It’s GREAT Britain not EU Britain

7) The UK flag is prettier than the EU flag:

Seriously though who even likes this

8) I don’t even like going on holiday to Europe that much; I can’t read any of the signs and the food tastes a bit weird.

9) Ceci n’est pas une pipe.

10) Is Nigel Farage really such a bad guy?

11) Rice.

12) Peppers.

13) Toilet paper.

14) Popcorn.

15) Bacon.

The author struggled to think of more than 10 reasons and therefore finished the list with items from his shopping list.


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