National Treasure’s Association Rescind Stephen Fry’s Membership

The National Treasure’s Association (NTA) released a statement today indicating that they would be removing Stephen Fry from their organisation.

Stephen Fry recently made monumentally moronic controversial comments claiming that survivors of sexual abuse should ‘grow up’, and that ‘self-pity is the ugliest emotion’. The comments caused a huge backlash, and the NTA has stated that such comments are unbecoming of a national treasure.

NTA member David Attenborough told reporters, ‘A hallmark of being a national treasure is not saying obviously stupid shit. If you think you’re about to say some stupid shit, don’t say that shit. People won’t like that shit’.

The NTA’s Council of Deceased Treasures, a group of ghostly manifestations of long since departed celebrities, also weighed in on the controversy. Terry Wogan’s ethereal form told the Flipside, ‘When a national treasure dies, people shouldn’t be remembering them for saying something monolithically dumb, and we felt that Fry’s comments were so dumb that they would be remembered upon his passing’. The ghost of Kenneth Williams said, ‘Ooooh matron! It’s rumoured I killed my father, but no one remembers that do they? Exactly, since I didn’t say stupid stuff’.

Mr Fry backtracked on his comments and has since apologised. An NTA spokesperson told us, ‘An apology is all well and good, but come on, he should’ve noticed how stupid his comments were at the time. We’re still taking away his national treasureship’. Stephen Fry has yet to comment on no longer being a national treasure, but we at Flipside think it won’t affect his ability to say the occasional moronic statement.


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