The Gryphon Website Overtaken By ISIS

In their next wave of cyber attacks, University of Leeds newspaper ‘The Gryphon’ has been hacked by notorious terrorist group, ISIS. Not be confused with al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, The Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea, or UKIP.

ISIS has been criticised as of recently due to their opposition to the idea of not killing people. Despite mass protest and law against killing people, ISIS has been very naughty and gone and done it anyway. Without the implementation of some kind of international naughty step, ISIS has been free to strike fear into the heart of the Western world, influencing mass discrimination against Muslims around the world. All 1.7 billion of them. That’s a lot of Muslims. How many are estimated to be associated with ISIS, I hear you ask? Between 50,000 – 310,000. Just gonna let that sit there.

The reason for this attack is currently unknown, but we believe it to be in retaliation to The Gryphon’s controversial opposition to terrorism in all forms. We also believe it to be in connection with the recent hack on the Keighley Cougars Rugby Club website, the symbolic cornerstone of Democracy and Freedom in West Yorkshire.

The real question that follows is ‘who is next’? Will it be The Scribe? Will it be The Tab? Or perhaps, will it be, Leeds Flipside? Only time will tell.


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