12 Reasons to Accept That This Article is Clickbaity as Fuck

1 – It includes this picture of a cute puppy as the featured image.

Awww! I’m wasting your time!

2 – It includes some pseudo-philosophical quote about something that everyone relates to but sounds personal to you in bold mesmerising letters on a beautiful landscape background.

Wow! This article totes gets me!

3 – It includes the number of things the article lists in the title.

Oooh, 3 reasons so far! Almost got clickbait bingo!

4 – Another picture of a cute puppy is featured.

Shouldn’t you be doing something productive? Like working or folding socks or staring aimlessly into the distance? You know, worthwhile activities.

5 – The majority of the article is one sentence bullet points and images quickly found on Google.


6 – It doesn’t really fit into any normal category so we’ve dumped it into ‘Arts & Entertainment. Because fuck you, that’s why.

At Leeds Flipside, we don’t give a fuuuuuuuck.

7 – The above popular internet culture reference, which the writer of this article still doesn’t fully understand. Isn’t ‘thug’ a negative term? Why are people upholding it as something praiseworthy?

8 – It’s clearly just been written to meet post quotas and because the writer has few ideas and/or cannot be arsed to actually write something.

I’ve got actual work I should be doing.

9 – Yet another teeny tiny cuddly canine.

Seriously, why are you still reading this crap? Even the writer is embarrassed by this. Thank god for internet anonymity.

10 – All this site’s writer’s are in their early twenties. You probably don’t know that, but any site run by people who have yet to actually earn their own money for at least a few years is going to be about getting views rather than being interesting, informative, engaging, or worthwhile.

11 – As it nears the end the writer is clearly running out of ideas for this bullshit list, so here’s a picture of late comedian Rodney Dangerfield.

This was the first thing that came into my head.

12 – It ends with a picture of a cute kitten, just to mess with the feng shui of this brilliant written piece of journalism.

I bet your life is so much more fulfilled for finishing this article.



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