Ketamine Voted As LUU Activities Officer By A Landslide

In a stunning turn of events, ‘Ketamine’ or ‘Ket’ it is known on the mean streets, has been revealed to have won the new LUU Activities Officer race by an incredible 95% majority. Taiwo Ogunyinka, voted to be Activities Officer in the 2016 LUU Committee elections was remarkably impeached, due to the rising popularity of ‘The Dank Ketz’.


We began surveying the student body to find out their opinion of the new Activities Officer. Third year Theatre and Performance student, David Ley (21) commented “Tai’s policies were interesting and challenged the established order of the LUU committee runnings, but Ket just had a much more solid budgeting plan for the Union. Ket additionally has spent more time with the student body and understands their needs on a greater chemical level.”

First year PPE student, Mam Siller (19) stated “I think it’s a travesty. A bloody joke. How Ketamine was voted Activities Officer over MDMA is an outrage. MDMA is way more popular than Ket! It’s all political.”

When asked what they thought of Ketamine, Second year Media and Communications student, Kiam Lenrick (2o) said “Who? Oh, you mean (RS)-2-(2-Chlorophenyl)-2-(methylamino)cyclohexanone! Yeah that guy’s awesome.”


It is rumoured that Black  Mamba will be running for Activities Officer next year, so watch out Ketamine! Your time may be, much like your high, short-lived.


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