Bang Heard Throughout Hyde Park Actually the Noise of a Man Falling off his Sofa in Shock at the Conclusion of the Latest Episode of Game of Thrones

At around 19:55 today, a loud bang was heard throughout Hyde Park, with much speculation taking place on Yik Yak.

Rumours suggested it was the result of an RAF fighter jet flying at super sonic speeds over the city. Others have suggested that the bang was the result of a gas explosion.

However, we at Leeds Flipside can now reveal that it was actually a man, Hosh Jirby, 21, falling from his sofa after watching the new episode of Game of Thrones. The episode had a really good ending and it just really knocked him off balance.

Dramatisation of the lead up to the event

He was sitting on the edge of his seat, until he was on the floor. He fell through three stories of his Hyde Park home before coming to a rest. He is now in intensive care, but his current medical condition is said to be stable.


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