Local Council Elections May 2016

As a part of Leeds Flipside’s ‘things you definitely don’t care about’ series, we’re bringing you a quick look at today’s least exciting event: the local council elections, and the elections for the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC).

Voting opened at 7am and closes at 10pm.

Find your nearest polling station at http://www.aboutmyvote.co.uk/.

If you didn’t register then tough shit but, like we say, these elections really don’t matter and literally nobody cares about them.

I don’t think we can stress quite enough how little anybody cares about them. Of the 6 candidates your correspondent had the option of voting for (Leeds Headingley ward), 5 of them didn’t bother to upload a photograph to the website whocanivotefor, and only 1 candidate had policy points that could be discovered with a Google search. And it was a Lib Dem.

So what we’re saying is go vote, or don’t, we at Leeds Flipside don’t really care very much about the democratic process.


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