Women’s Equality Party a Giant Leap Forward For Rich, White Women Everywhere

sandi toksvig

The fielding of the first Feminist political party in UK elections for nearly one hundred years has been described as a ‘landmark occasion’ for wealthy, white women all over London.

The Women’s Equality Party, whose manifesto makes no meaningful provisions for the suffering of poor women or women of colour, has been met with acclaim from rich, white women all across London, who are pleased to have a party who aim to put them on an equal footing with rich, white men.

One voter, Lisa Riley-Tarbuck, a wealthy white woman from London said ‘We live in a country where less than 10% of executive board members of FTSE 100 companies are women. Why should men be the only ones helping to prop up a system which disproportionately punishes women, and in particular women from poor backgrounds? If we want true equality in this country then we should be allowed to be a part of that exploitation too’.

Comedian Sandi Toksvig, a wealthy white woman who grew up in London, and one of the founders of the Women’s Equality Party, explained its importance and appeal ahead of today’s elections.

‘What separates us from other parties in the UK is that we come at politics from a position of pure banality. We don’t see ‘left or right’, which means we also don’t see the way capitalist society is inherently a male dominated one, and that austerity, with its cuts to child benefits, tax credits and public sector jobs, disproportionately punishes people for having a vagina, and ignoring these things also mean we don’t have to consider poor or ethnic minority women, which is fine as these people probably don’t vote anyway.

Other feminist groups seem to try and exclude men from the debate, but we disagree with this. One hundred year ago women didn’t have the vote and then men kindly let us have it, so they’re clearly not all bad. I’m sure if we ask them politely to let us have equal pay, fair media representation, an end to outdated gender roles, and more prominent positions in government and business, they’ll let us have those things.’

The Women’s Equality Party are the first women’s issues party to stand in UK elections since the Pankhurst’s Women’s Party stood for parliament in 1917, but their methods, which involved socialist leaning politics and direct activism were famous for never getting anything done.


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