Jeremy Corbyn Announces New Stand up Comedy Tour

Today the leader of the labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, has announced his new stand up comedy tour. Apparently no longer satisfied with having the media write the jokes about him, he released a statement this morning.

“I’m so god damn tired of all these ‘journalists’ writing all these ‘stories’ about me. The only terrorist organisation I support is hezbollaughter, which is why I’ve decided now is the right time for me to branch out into what I consider my true calling; stand up comedy.”

Corbyn pictured killing it with his material about his ex-wife


Rumours for the tour have suggested that names Jeremy has considered have included ‘Ha, MASsive tour!’ and ‘Labour party, more like LAUGHTER party!’

This news story follows in the wake of Nick Clegg, the former leader of the Liberal Democrats, announcing the formation of his new short form improvised comedy group, the ImprovCleggAnals, which many have derided due to the inclusion of the word ‘Anal’ in the group’s name.

We’ve already booked our tickets for the Leeds show, and we wish Jeremy the best in his new found career choice.



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