New Planet found on the Moon


NASA announced this week that, following a recent exploration of the Moon with one of those fancy space buggies, a new planet has been discovered on the surface of the Moon.

This news shocked many people as a vast proportion of the population, according to a recent study by the regulars at the White Hart, did not in fact believe the Moon existed.

The new planet will be named ‘Moon Planet’, because the only Roman God left was called PooLicker and that, that just wouldn’t work.

Along with the planet, scientists have discovered an accompanying moon, which will subsequently be named ‘Moon Planet Moon’.

Philip Space, the Head of Planets and Stuff at NASA, said this discovery was “astounding” and “a little short on mayo but otherwise the best BLT I’ve ever had”. In a statement to the media, he explained the repercussions of this news:

“For years we have been convinced at NASA that – Sorry, big bit of lettuce there – the Moon is in fact the most conspicuous planet in an archipelago of – Mmm, bacon – planetary systems, and could be the most important step to intra-planetary exploration – Granary would have been better but it’ll do – since the 1960s. Anyone got a Twix?”

Later on in the day the Man on the Moon also released a statement, stating this news was “Moon Moon Moon. Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon. MOOOOOOOOOOOOON”

Poignant words indeed…


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