Original Thought Reportedly Found on Yik Yak

Users of anonymous social media app ‘Yik Yak’ were today left stunned after a completely new and original thought was reportedly spotted on the service.

Yik Yak, where people post tired jokes and rather general unintelligent observations to be voted on the basis of how many people have had the same idea, is known for its lack of innovative posts. Users are encouraged to browse through the best voted ‘yaks’ and recycle them for their own anonymous popularity.

However, the Yik Yak community was left baffled by the supposed appearance of a yak that no one had seen before, leaving many at a loss of how to respond. Leeds Yik Yak user Brian Newman said, ‘I just couldn’t believe it! It wasn’t a word for word quote from Jimmy Carr, it wasn’t a bland remark about how soul-destroying working in Laidlaw is, it was actually something new! I just stared at my phone for like 20 minutes, I didn’t know what to do’.

The yak was reportedly not present for long, and as such many are doubting that it ever existed. One user told Flipside, ‘I never saw it, no one I’ve spoken to has either. It’s just a rumour, like how people say they’ve got laid through Tinder. It’s a fairy tale, nothing more’. Flipside trudged through many identical posts about bravely going to exams hungover and how the weather in Leeds is pretty shit at the moment, but failed to find the elusive thought.

If the yak did indeed exist, we at Flipside commend the author for bringing some authenticity to the app.



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